Ignacio makeover–sneak peek

Check out the new look: Ignacio

Librarians from Gleeson and Law have been collaborating with Innovative Interfaces to bring an updated look to the online catalog. It’s not only cosmetic. Updated coding provides better functionality to integrate existing services and to offer new ones. Log in to your library record to see what you can do now. You can rate and review the books you check out. You can save preferred searches and get an email notice when new books come in on your favorite topics. You can maintain your reading history if you want to track what you have read.–this feature is completely optional and no one else can see this information–not even library staff.

5 thoughts on “Ignacio makeover–sneak peek”

  1. Twice just now when I was doing advanced keyword searches I hit the “Clear Form” button by mistake instead of “Submit” and had to start over. Maybe we should re-think putting the Clear Form button on the bottom of that search screen. Or is it just me?

    And do you think the term “Search” is better than “Submit”?

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