Gleeson Lending Laptops!

The Gleeson Library/ Geschke Learning Resource Center is now lending laptops to students. Laptops are available to check out from the Circulation desk. The laptops circulate for a four hour period and are for use inside the library only. There are only ten laptops currently in circulation so students may want to book them in advance for a specific time. If there are no bookings on a laptop, students may renew a laptop for an additional four hours by bringing it to the Circulation desk.

Some other elements to keep in mind when borrowing a laptop:

  • Anything you want to keep should be saved to USF files or a thumb drive.
  • Fines are $1.00 an hour so make sure you return the laptop on time.
  • The replacement cost for loss or damage is $1,600 so do not leave the laptop unattended.

9 thoughts on “Gleeson Lending Laptops!”

  1. Matthew, this is great! I am sure students will appreciate the new service and the Library is helping to bridge the digital divide!

  2. Laptops are listed on Ignacio with the title “Gleeson Laptops”

    Students should come to the Circulation desk in person with their ID to “book a laptop for a specific time”

    Note: a student may only have one booking on a laptop at any given time.

  3. hey its great to lend laptop to students. BUT,what is the purpose of borrowing if it CAN ONLY BE USED INSIDE THE LIBRARY????HELLOOOOOO… ridiculous nt allowing it to bring outside.Library has so many computers,students can access it easily,dont have to borrow.The purpose of student borrowing so that they can use it in class,or surrounding the campus.Come on!!!!USE UR BRAIN DUDE!!

  4. hey Crap, I think from the library’s perspective 2 things stopped us from allowing laptops outside the library:

    1. allowing a laptop outside of the library increases the chances of it not being returned by probably 50% or more

    2. this is still a relatively new service, so we want to see how it goes before expanding or altering it, so hypothetically it is possible your wish may come true some day

    also, don’t you think there’s a bonus to being able to sit wherever you want in the library when writing that paper? and believe it or not, all the library’s computer labs do become completely full on occasion, especially around finals!

    maybe someone from access services wants to add something?

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