USF Live Directory / Personos Presentation

Dave Wolber and Colin Bean (USF Computer Science grad) were by the Gleeson library and presented the USF Live Directory Personos application to a packed audience of library staff.

Personos Screenshot

I know my description is far from ideal, but the way I think of Personos is Facebook meets with an academic/USF twist.

The about USF Live Directory page at the Personos website said it much better:

The USF Live Directory is a place to find up-to-date information about the faculty and staff at the University of San Francisco. It is kept up-to-date because it is very easy for community members to post articles and associate them with people– no web designer needed! It provides a people-centric search of USF’s subset of the web.

Check out Personos if you haven’t – you’ll be glad you did…

And kudos to Karen Johnson for setting this up!

2 thoughts on “USF Live Directory / Personos Presentation”

  1. Neat! What a great way to put all of someone’s relevant research/web presence in one, easily accessible locale. ClaimID (started by one Fred Stutzman , recent speaker to the Davies Forum), does something similar, but for the general public. What if we had a USF personos for students, highlighting their blog/scholarly online presence?

  2. Hey Kelly, thanks for the ClaimID tip! I’ll send a note to the Persons folks with your student idea as well — CHEERS!

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