Rare Book Room Volume on Display at Kalmanovitz Hall

In conjunction with the dedication and opening of Kalmanovitz Hall, a sixteenth-century book from the Donohue Rare Book Room is featured in an exhibit showing the Jesuit history and presence at USF over the years. The title of the book is:

A Particular Declaration or Testimony of the Undutifull and Traiterous Affection Borne Against her Maiestie by Edmond Campion Jesuite, and Other Condemned Priestes, Witnessed by Their Owne Confessions: in Reproofe of those Slaunderous Bookes & Libels Delivered Out to the Contrary by Such as are Malitiously Affected Towards her Maiestie and the State (London: Christopher Barker, 1582).

Edmond Campion
Edmond Campion

The page opening on display shows an engraved image of Edmund Campion (1540-1581) the martyred English Jesuit for whom the building was previously named. The volume was printed the year after Campion’s death, at a time when anti-Roman Catholic books were common in England and books which supported the Church were banned and part of an underground trade. Of particular note with this copy is that the text has been set into a larger textblock, in order to accommodate a pro-Catholic image of Edmund Campion. The book is part of the Rare Book Room’s collection of recusant literature and is available to students and researchers.

One thought on “Rare Book Room Volume on Display at Kalmanovitz Hall”

  1. What a treasure to have on display! Early printed books are simultaneously a fantastic source of information, valuable historical artifacts and beautiful works of art.

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