Voter registration forms & info at the library – updated

Mail-in voter registration forms are available at Gleeson Library for voting in San Francisco County.

(update: thanks to David Silver’s media studies classes’ fabulous installation in the library we have registration forms for any county in California – mail or take to your county elections office.)

College students may legally register either at their college residence (on or off campus) or permanent home address, but not at both.

To register for voting in San Francisco, just fill out a form and put it in the mail. They’re already postage-paid so you don’t even need a stamp!

California’s registration deadline for the November 4 election is October 20, 2008. Some other states have earlier deadlines.

Get info for other states and register online at or

It’s easy to make sure you’re registered (and register if you’re not) at

To help figure out the issues and candidates, our Government Information Librarian Carol Spector has prepared a helpful guide to the 2008 election, including links to non-partisan voter education websites and the official sites of six political parties on the California ballot — find it on the library website.

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