Election Exhibit Courtesy of Intro to Media Studies Classes

Yesterday the library saw the installation of an exhibit put up by David Silver’s Intro to Media Studies classes. It is called Election Exhibit: Students Teaching Students. The point of the assignment is to encourage and educate the USF Community to vote. It is also part of The September Project.

Many of the pieces are interactive — they encourage you to cast your ballot in a box right there, to mark where you get your news coverage, or to indicate what country or region you represent. They span a wide range of topics and are very compelling.

Come check it out in the library! The exhibit begins on the counter in the foyer and continues in the very back of the North Wing. Or, if you can’t make it, check out David Silver‘s blog post about it, or his Flickr photostream.

If you checked it out, what’s your favorite part of the exhibit? Did you learn anything you didn’t know? Did it challenge you to reconsider your preferred candidate?

5 thoughts on “Election Exhibit Courtesy of Intro to Media Studies Classes”

  1. I really liked the exhibit. I just wished that it wasn’t so biased. You already get enough of it in the news (at least on cnn.com). It’d be nice if it was more even ya know? To end on a plus, I liked how there were voter registration forms available.

  2. I like it too. There’s a lot of information there with visual elements that really draw a viewer in. Thank you so much, David and classes, for bringing student viewpoints into the library. I hope we can have more “students teaching students.”

    I saw bias in some parts of the exhibit, too. It made me question whether my own bias was coloring my view of the materials presented. I’ll have to spend more time with the installation.

    In one piece, quotations and “positions” are presented as out-of-context snippets. And it seemed to me that was done to make one candidate look very negative, and the other rather positive. A lot of political advertising is like that!

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, there’s a notebook on a table near the library entrance where you can give your opinion. Several people have already commented there.

  3. I love it, bias and all. I just wish it were out in the front lobby area of the library where everyone who comes in could see it. I just have one word to say, no, make that two.

  4. Results for “What Are You Voting For?”


    Remember the ballot box, “What Are You Voting For?” where many of you stated which California and San Francisco Propositions you were voting for??

    Well now you can compare your vote to your fellow USF students. Then on Tuesday (11/4!) we can see if the voice of USF students is the majority or the minority of those in California and San Francisco.


    84% yes 16% no

    2: Standards for Confining Farm Animals

    89% yes 11% no

    4:Abortion Waiting Period and Parental Notification Initiative

    38% yes 62% no

    8:Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

    26% yes 74% no

    J:Creating a Historical Preservation Commission

    100% yes 0% no

    H: Energy Bonds

    80% yes 20% no

    R: Renaming of Sewage Plant

    50% yes 50% no

    U: Iraq War

    74% yes 26% no

    Thanks to everyone who visited the exhibit and special thanks to those who voted!

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