Register to vote in Calif. by today – Oct 20 – check registration online – updated

10/21/08 update: The deadline for voter registration in California has passed. See below for info on registering in other states.

Voter registration forms are available at the library for San Francisco County. Forms for other counties are availabile here — fill one out, print, and take it to your county elections office.

San Francisco and Alameda County elections’ offices are open til midnight tonight to accept registration forms. Contra Costa County has several locations to register til 10 pm or midnight. Register in San Mateo County or Marin County before 8 pm. Santa Clara County has a dropbox in case you get there after they close at 7 pm.

Check here to make sure you’re registered in San Francisco County.

Here’s where you can check to make sure you’re registered in Alameda County.

Check your San Mateo County registration here.

Your Santa Clara County registration can be checked here.

Some other states have later deadlines though the deadlines for many are already past. Get info for other states and register online at or

By the way, early voting has started in California and many other states. You can vote now at your county elections office.

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