New Library Services



Busy? We can help! Gleeson Library is offering a new on-campus book delivery service for USF faculty and a book paging option for all library borrowers.


If you are designated as a USF Faculty Member by USF HR, to request a book for delivery, go to the library catalog, find the book you are looking for, and click the “Request” button or link. You will be asked to enter your name and USF ID number.  Then, choose “Mail to,” and select the campus mail stop for your department from the drop down menu.  We’ll send the book to the department you selected via campus mail.  Please expect deliveries to arrive within three business days. 


If you are a student or library borrower who would like to have books paged (or a faculty member who would prefer to come by the library and pick up paged books from the front desk), please follow the first three steps listed above (use the library catalog, click “Request,” and log on).  Then select “Pickup Location: Gleeson Circulation Desk.” We will retrieve your requests from our stacks by 5pm the next business day and will hold books at the circulation desk for you for up to 10 days.


Distance/Regional faculty can place page and delivery requests for library books online by clicking the “Request” button and choosing the Distance Regional location in the “Mail to” drop down menu. Students who are designated as Distance Ed in their patron record may also request pages and deliveries, by following the same steps. Distance/Regional patrons can also have books paged and held at Gleeson for them to pick up.


Please visit our faculty delivery and paging websites for more detailed information.  If you have any questions about these new library services, please feel free to contact Access Services at 415-422-2662 or




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