Spotlight on world cinema for International Education Week

The World Unveiled Through Cinema
photo by Daniela Contreras
IEW @ Gleeson Library
photo by Daniela Contreras

Gleeson’s video collection is an eclectic mix of documentaries and feature films on DVD and VHS. Although they’re all in the catalog, they’re somewhat hidden because you have to ask for them at the circulation desk. We’re featuring some of them in connection with USF’s celebration of International Education Week. Along with films from Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia, there are books on international cinema, and art objects collected by Professor Johnnie Johnson Hafernik. Please feel free to take an IEW bookmark and check out any of the books or videos.

International students are offering the USF community a wealth of cultural treasure this week. There’s video of course: African Awareness Club hosts This is Nollywood about the Nigerian film industry on Tuesday night, and Amnesty International presents Maquilapolis Wednesday evening. Tuesday afternoon there are dance lessons in Brazilian Forró. Tuesday and Thursday evening, stop by the tables in the World Market to practice another language. Spend your lunchtime Wednesday in McLaren 252 listening to stories and folktales from around the world. And don’t miss Culturescape Friday night! IEW’s signature event features an amazing array of global cultures including dance, music and international food. Tickets are on sale this week in front of University Center at lunch and dinnertime. Here’s a sample to whet your appetite.

About the library videos: Most have been acquired at the request of faculty who wish to use a particular title for classes. Unless it’s on reserve for a class, any video can be checked out by USF students, staff or faculty. To find international video in the library catalog, search the subject terms feature films or documentary films.

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