USF Book Club Now Open to Students!

The book club has big news to announce! It is now open to students! That means we invite students, staff, and faculty to join us to discuss our pick of the month. Students — tell your friends!

We are reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz.

We will meet for the last time of 2008 to discuss this book on Tuesday, December 16 from 12 noon – 1 pm in the seminar room (2nd Fl) Electronic Classroom (1st Floor, Rm. 139) of Gleeson Library. Bring your lunch and spread the word!

the-brief-wondrous-life-of-oscar-waoClick the image above to access a review of the book courtesy of the New York Times.

If you want to get the book through the library, click here to request it through Link+ (the Gleeson copy is currently checked out). Link+ will get the book from an affiliate library and send it here in about 4 business days. It’s free! Click here for more info about Link+.

5 thoughts on “USF Book Club Now Open to Students!”

  1. HI folks — if any of you want to discuss my debut novel, STANDING STILL, I could meet you on the phone for Q&A (or could visit in person in the fall) It has received glowing reviews and is being taught in universities as an example of a dazzling opening chapter and a literary/crime genre blend (which it really isn’t, but hey i’ll take it.)

    Thanks for listening, happy reading

  2. I finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao yesterday. To use a description I heard recently from a library patron speaking about another book– a young man who quite surprised me with these words — “Powerful book. Real Powerful. Cry-on-the-Bart-powerful.”

    See you at the meeting!

  3. Did you see the article in the Sunday New York Times about book clubs? Fought Over Any Good Books Lately? One group in the article had rules like “No therapy talk, no chitchat and no skipping meetings.” It became so repressive that some people politely begged off and secretly formed another group. I don’t think we’re in danger of that…

  4. Colette — Wow, that’s awesome! Already you’re making me regret not reading the book! Altho I will be there, eager to hear spoilers

    Debbie — What a funny article. Of course book club groups will vary, but I like to keep ours as laid back as our locale — keepin’ in California relaxed 🙂

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