USF Book Club: The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies

Hello everyone!

For April we are reading The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies.

We’ll meet from 12 noon – 1 pm in the seminar room (#209) of Gleeson Library on Tuesday, April 7, 2009. We’re open to the whole USF community, so bring your lunch, your friends, your colleagues, and your classmates!


“On one level, Davies’s novel is ‘about’ four academics: Maria Theotoky, the brilliant, beautiful graduate student; her adviser, the ascetic Dr. Hollier; Simon Darcourt, the bon vivant priest; and Parlabane, once an outstanding scholar, now sycophant to his former classmates. Then there is the basic plot theme: Who will end up with the girl? Standard stuff. Yet the real focus here is on the spiritual and/or mystical personal explorations of the main characters…” –Library Journal, March 1, 1998

You can request the book through the Library’s free service, Link+, and it will come to Gleeson in about 4 business days.

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