Featured database: Credo Reference


Credo Reference is a great resource for finding articles from hundreds of reference sources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and factbooks. The topics covered include almost anything: art, biography, business, education, geography, history, literature, medicine, movies, music, psychology, religion, science, and world cultures…if it’s included in a reference book it’s probably in Credo Reference. You can also look up word definitions (in English and other languages), synonyms, and quotations.

An exciting feature of Credo Reference is the “concept map” (see above image). Searching on keywords such as “global warming” in the concept map function brings up a visual display of people and topics that are related to the one you’ve searched on. For global warming, these include subjects such as greenhouse gases and the carbon cycle and people such as climate science pioneer Milutin Milankovich. Mousing over each related topic brings up a link to a specific article.

Credo Reference is a good place to get your quick reference questions answered or to help focus your research when you want to look at a topic in greater depth. Check it out today!

—Authored by Elliot Smith, Reference, Research & Instructional Services Dept. intern, Fall 2008

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