Congratulations to Martha J. Kanter

(Posted by Debbie B.)

It looks like our community college system will be gaining some long-overdue visibility with President Obama’s nomination of USF alumna Martha J. Kanter to be the new U.S. Under Secretary of Education. Currently the Chancellor of Foothill-De Anza Community College District, Dr. Kanter’s doctoral dissertation at USF was on access to higher education for underrepresented students in the California community colleges.

As the USF community congratulates Dr. Kanter, a display in the lobby of Gleeson Library highlights her accomplishments. See her dissertation, list of publications, and articles about her at the library til the end of April.

Martha J. Kanter

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Martha J. Kanter”

  1. This article in the Chronicle of Higher Education highlights Kanter’s record of working to make higher education accessible for all students — including, interestingly, her championship of the open textbook movement.

    In nearly two decades as a community-college leader, Martha J. Kanter has earned acclaim for a strong record helping disabled and low-income students graduate from college and for her bold efforts to overhaul curricula to help more students master basic skills.

    Her work in the California system, the nation’s largest, has focused on removing barriers to college attendance and graduation for low-income students, disabled students, and students learning English as a second language. … She is also a nationally known champion of open educational resources, the effort to make college textbooks and other instructional materials available free online.

    Education Dept. Gets a Nominee Who Champions the Underserved

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