Clothesline Project in the library


It took 1 year before I ever said anything.

I never actually said yes.

You took a lot away from me, but I’m still here & you can’t hurt me any more.

This week the Office of Residence Life and Students Taking Action Against Sexual Violence are shining a spotlight on sexual assault in a series of events including installations around campus of The Clothesline Project. USF community members have decorated these and many more shirts as testimony to the problem of violence against women. Some are hanging in the library, first floor north behind the Thacher Gallery.


svaw-erin-looks2 We pulled books and videos/DVDs from the shelves that you can check out, and compiled them in a list that you can take. You can also pick up a resource packet, with information, legal definitions, and advice on what to do if you or someone you know is attacked.svaw-when-i-was-153

More of the Clothesline Project and resource packets can be found in the residence halls and around the campus.

Please take some time to learn about the problem and how to help people who have experienced sexual violence.

3 thoughts on “Clothesline Project in the library”

  1. Getting the word out is so important and the Clothesline Project is a great resource. It is extremely important to recognize that men and boys are also victims of sexual violence and that they need support and a voice as well. Here are some resources for them:



    After Silence

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