Is Ignacio different?

If you’ve noticed that a book search in our library catalog Ignacio looks different than you remember, it is because we’re using a new keyword search engine that we first introduced as “Encore” about six months ago (it had a separate search box at that time, underneath Ignacio on the home page).

book search box image

The “traditional” Ignacio interface hasn’t gone away, however; you can use it by clicking on the Author, Title, Subject, or Advanced Search links right under the search box.

The new keyword search lets you easily sort results by location, material type, and quickly locate relevant subject terms. You can even “tag” books yourself with helpful keywords.

The new interface is still missing a few features, such as marking and saving lists of items, so if you need to do that, just continue using the “traditional” Ignacio searches.

4 thoughts on “Is Ignacio different?”

  1. can you find journals in the Encore or Ignacio search? it looks like you can only find books and videos. how would you search for a journal in the library catalog?

  2. The library catalog contains records of just about everything the library owns. Besides books and videos you can find all the periodicals including journals, as well as other library holdings like maps, microfilm and microfiche, and CD-Roms.

    To find a particular journal in the catalog, you can search for it by title, keyword, or with the subject search which uses a controlled vocabulary. You can also look up a journal title with the “Find Journals” link on the library’s home page.

    On the other hand if you want to search for journal articles on a particular topic, it’s better to start with a search in the “Find Articles” section of the library’s home page.

    As always, if you would like some assistance with your search, you can “Ask a Librarian.”

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