Lib-r-Bocce Tournament Qualifying Results — updated

There was great fun and excitement as the Lib-r-Bocce tournament got rolling today at Gleeson Lawns.

Photo by Rob Guillen
Photo by Rob Guillen

The following Bocce athletes qualified for the semifinals to begin Thursday at 11:45am.

Randy Souther
Locke Morrisey
Debbie Malone
Erin Lybrand
Sherise Kimura
Fabi Hernandez
Matthew Collins
Lloyd Affholter

In related news Jessica Lu qualified to move on to the semifinals however voluntarily stepped out of the competition due to scheduling conflicts. Members of the Lib-r-Bocce organizing committee adamantly deny the rumors she was forced out of the tournament because it was discovered she played Bocce as a professional under a different name.
Update: See more fabulous lib-r-bocce pics here!

Lib-r-Bocce is a spectator sport too.
Come out and see the Games!
(Out on the Gleeson Lawn)
Thursday, July 2, 2009
Semifinals 11:45-12:30  Finals 12:30-1:15

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