Library service to USF staff in tough economic times

A version of this post is in the Fall 2009 issue of the library newsletter Global Update.

If you work at USF, one of your benefits is free access to library services and materials for personal and professional use. The library has lots of ways to help you get through these trying economic times.  It’s all provided free to USF staff. Besides books and DVDs to check out, the library gives you access to thousands of online journals, research guides, and professional assistance in getting the information you need.

Are you taking a class and have some homework to finish? Polishing up your resume for a promotion? Do you have to find some information for your job, or for a volunteer activity? Use library resources online or go to the Reference Desk on the first floor to find what you need.

Looking for some recreational reading, or a DVD for home viewing? Search Ignacio, the library catalog, or come in and browse the new book shelves on the first floor or new magazines on the second floor.

Swipe your ID card at our front door to enter the library, and then use it to check out books or DVDs for free. But if you’re too busy or rushed to spend time in the library, you can enjoy many of our offerings from your office or home computer:

It’s good to get away from computers once in a while. Meet colleagues and talk about books in our campus-wide, drop-in book club. The group meets monthly in the library or the beautiful campus garden on Lone Mountain. Books are chosen by the attendees and genres vary monthly from novels to memoir, from sobering history to Bay Area mystery.

Inside the library, the light and airy Monihan Atrium is a peaceful spot for reading, studying, or catching up on your email or research. Wireless Internet access is available in the Atrium as in the entire building. During the school year, the Atrium is open around the clock, even when the rest of the library’s closed.

The library website at is your gateway to library resources online, and key to more information about library hours, policies, and contacts. For more information about library services for USF staff, please see the Library Guide for USF Employees or give us a call at 422-2039.

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