USF Book Club: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Hello! The USF Book Club will discuss The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson on October 13, 2009 (Tuesday) from 12-1 pm.Weather permitting we will meet in the USF Community Garden, just west of the School of Education, on the side of Lone Mountain.

The book club is an informal drop-in group of USF staff and students who meet at lunch time to discuss the pick of the month. All members of the USF Community are welcome to join us. Bring your lunch and your friends!

How to get the book through the library:

Since Gleeson’s copy is checked out, you can request the book through Link+ which is a free service. The book will be delivered to Gleeson within 4 business days. Click here to request it.

the_girl_with_the_dragon_tattoo.largeFrom Library Journal: Wealthy young Harriet Vanger disappeared 40 years ago, and Uncle Henrik always thought she was murdered. Now he’s drafted a hotshot journalist and a tattooed hacker to investigate. An expert on right-wing extremists, Swedish author Larsson died in 2004. This international best seller arrives here with a 100,000-copy first printing.

3 thoughts on “USF Book Club: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

  1. mmm, I read the book but I didn’t find it anything special. Maybe I haven’t understood the hided meaning of the whole thing. I don’t know, probably is just not my genre.

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