Google Fast Flip

In addition to their usual Google News, Google is trying a new way of presenting news with their Fast Flip. It comes closer to the sensation of standing at a newsstand, just browsing, looking at different articles, different publications. You can click on the arrow on the side of the page to flip through other news stories.

If you want to read more about it, they have an FAQ. It is currently in Google Labs, the part of their website where they have the things they are still experimenting with or developing.

It is an interesting way to present the news–check it out.

One thought on “Google Fast Flip”

  1. Thanks, Joe! It is interesting but I couldn’t get my preferences to stick even when I logged in to my Google account. I hope they get more sources. The “About” page says “We hope to add more publishers in the future but can’t share a specific time table.”

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