APA Publication Manual Sixth Edition Corrections

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently published a new, sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. You can find a copy of the manual at the library reference desk, on course reserve, and in the Gleeson library online catalog. APA Publication Manual 6th. Ed.

Shortly after the new edition was released, news began to circulate about errors in the manual. You can read more background on the errors here and here.

APA Style issued a set of corrections [PDF document] late last week.

Mary Lynn Skutley, Editorial Director, APA Books wrote in a recent email:

We realize that, by listing all corrections in one document, we created a sense that all were significant errors.  While any error is regrettable, that is not the case.  To clarify this, we have reposted the corrections according to category.

You will see that, of the 188 APA Style rules, two errors were made.  You will also see that, of close to 1,000 examples that illustrate various style rules in the book, 36 errors were made, and half of these have been corrected [emphasis added] in the form of new sample papers and posted on the internet where they are available for download.

While many who have purchased copies of the new Publication Manual are less than pleased with the first printing of the sixth edition, there is no indication that APA will publish a revised edition anytime soon.

Gleeson has printed copy of the corrections, and the document is available at the reference desk.

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