Darwin’s Originality and Its Consequences

A display to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species.”

We have selected for display a number of books that demonstrate the pervasive influence of Darwin’s theory of natural selection on a broad range of disciplines.  No single researcher has matched his impact on the natural and social sciences; on politics, religion and philosophy; on art and cultural relations.

We have recently ordered a number of newer books on the topic and they will be continually added to the display until it is removed.

The display will up be up until the end of November.   Please visit the display (near the Gleeson front desk and the entrance to the Thacher Art Gallery), browse and/or checkout the books and and say hello to Charles.


One thought on “Darwin’s Originality and Its Consequences”

  1. This display has now been removed. All of the books for this display will be reshelved in the Stacks. Thanks for your interest.

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