The Stewards of Knowledge

A week ago, the Library was honored to receive a sweet letter from a young person named, Lizbet, a fourth-grader at a Bay Area school who, as part of a class project, wrote us for a USF pennant.  The Gleeson Library staff, always touched by a sincere, handwritten letter, immediately jumped at the chance to send this young person a USF pennant, and some assorted goodies for her classmates, including some stuffed animals and some sweet goodies.

We thought Lizbet, her fourth grade class, and her teachers, might appreciate a photo of the Gleeson staff who sent the package, and to put a face to Librarians and Library Assistants everywhere who, daily and without much fanfare, are often the first line of communication between our occasionally intimidating academic halls, and the real world.  We hope Lizbet and her classmates may always appreciate the hard work of Librarians, Library Assistants, and all associated with the stewardship of knowledge, and will always remember us when they visit their own local libraries, both today, and when they, themselves, enter into colleges and universities.  We also commend their hardworking teachers and school staff, who, in these crazy times (economic and otherwise), (and in my personal opinion) embody the admirable gift of commitment to our young people in a political culture which often forsakes them.

We sent these two photos of our staff to Lizbet and her class.  They show only a small number of our dedicated librarians, staff, and student workers, here at our marvelous library, Gleeson.

Gleeson Library Staff hold a pennant being sent to 4th Grader Lizbet, in a Sonoma, California grammar school.
More Librarians, Staff, and Student Assistants

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