The Library Newsletter, Global Update

Here at Gleeson we put out a newsletter called Global Update once a semester. I’m the editor of this newsletter — I compile the articles, edit them for readability, add images, and format the publication. I consider Global Update to complement the library blog, Gleeson Gleanings, as a sort of location for greatest hits and b-sides — that is, it is one place to find some information you might have seen on the blog as well as other harder to find information.

Check out our latest issue by visiting Gleeson’s web page The Word: Library News in Many Voices where you can also find links to blogs written by USF librarians and links to other social media like Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

You may have noticed us library people like clever names and puns, so you may be wondering about the name Global Update. It’s a play on the function of updating a batch of records at one time through our back-end catalog managing software, Millennium. Catalog Librarians and Systems Librarians can add, take away, or edit information in a group of records at one time by doing a global update. My hope is that the latest issue of Global Update will provide new information to a group of people at one time, and that we’ll have some fun doing it!

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