USF Book Club: The Archivist

Thanks to the recommendation of one of my MFA classmates, I started reading The Archivist by Martha Cooley a few weeks ago. She was right to recommend it to me — it brings together my two worlds: poetry and libraries. Most of the novel centers around the letters between TS Eliot and his American confidante Emily Hale, which have been donated to the University for which the main character, Matt, works as the library archivist. With poetic mind and interspersing of poetic text, the novel illuminates Matt’s past and current relationships — romantic and familial — while also examining how religious faith affects each character’s world view. I’m looking forward to discussing it at book club!

We will meet in the USF Community Garden on Wednesday June 23, 2010, from 12 noon – 1 pm. If the weather is bad we will instead meet in the library.

To get the book through the library’s free service Link+, follow this link and request it using your University ID number.

We welcome all members of the USF Community, so take a break, soak up some rays, and join us for a fun discussion.

You can check out the book club online by visiting our wiki!

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