Quick Response Codes

16 thoughts on “Quick Response Codes”

  1. The QR Code is a great concept. I believe it would be useful to create QR codes for book & media availability in the future. Possibly syncing QR Codes with usfconnect would allow for easy access to USFfiles and allow students to easily select files to print.

  2. I reccomend using this site for your QR Generating needs:


    It has so many options such as WiFi info, calendar Appointments, etc. My colleagues think I am so clever when I print the QR code on an agenda for them to save the date in their calendars. It is also a fun tool to make a high tech scavenger hunt 🙂

    1. @kelci I dont know if that’s a QR code. I could not read it with my app and the website is not clear about the project.

  3. Found 2 examples of QR cods on the same day, both in San Francisco. Perhaps they are becoming more main stream. One of them is from a billboard on Hayes Street, just around the corner from USF and the other is from an in-store display at a Verizon store.

    Motorola Droid QR Code Ad

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