USF Book Club: Island Beneath the Sea by Allende

Hello everyone! From what I hear, Isabel Allende is an amazing writer so it’s high time Book Club read one of her books. Island Beneath the Sea is her newest and it is an historical novel that largely takes place in Haiti, so it is appropriate to the times.

Opening in Saint Domingue a few years before the Haitian revolution would tear it apart, the story has at its center Zarité, a mulatto whose extraordinary life takes her from that blood-soaked island to dangerous and freewheeling New Orleans; from rural slave life to urban Creole life and a different kind of cruelty and adventure. Yet even in the new city, Zarité can’t quite free herself from the island, and the people alive and dead that have followed her. Zarité’s passages are striking. More than merely lyrical, they map around rhythms and spirits, making her as much conduit as storyteller. ~Publishers Weekly

We’ve just ordered a couple copies for Gleeson, so you can put a hold on one by clicking here, you can order it through Link+ by clicking here, or you can put a hold on it at the San Francisco Public Library. You can also browse the book at the Harpers Collins website (see little nifty badge below):

Browse Inside this book
Get this for your site

Join us in the USF Community Garden on July 21, 2010 from 12 noon – 1 pm. Bring your lunch and tell your friends!

Also you can check us out online, at our wiki!

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