Ernest Hemingway in the Rare Book Room

Photograph by Shawn Calhoun

On this day in history (July 21, 1899) Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois. In his distinguished career as a journalist and writer, he wrote several novels, collections of short stories and works of non-fiction. In 1954 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.  The Donohue Rare Book Room holds several Hemingway first editions including Winner Take Nothing (1933), Green Hills of Africa (1935) and Across the River and Into the Trees (1950). The Rare Book Room also has a copy of The Good Lion (1998) published by the Bradstreet Press in San Francisco. It is a delightful book about Venice with illustrations by Francesca Scapinelli. All of these works are available to students and researchers.

John Hawk
Head Librarian, Donohue Rare Book Room

One thought on “Ernest Hemingway in the Rare Book Room”

  1. I have a first edition Ernest Hemingway hardback book “Across the River and Into the Trees” signed by “R. C. Hartwall” (I think that is what it says) and dated 9/13/50, It is in excellent condition. The pages are a bit yellowed but perfectly readable the spine is faded but the cover is in perfect condition. It is stamped by the printer “Charles Scribner and Sons” and has all the original markings of a first run. I am not sure who the signer of the book is. Do you have any idea?

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