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Gleeson Library Social NetworksWE HAVE SO MANY WONDERFUL EVENTS happening here at Gleeson, and we’d love to let you know all about them. Follow us, fan us, tweet us.. We would love to get to know you, and keep you up to date on what’s happening at Gleeson Library, and beyond.

And by the way, which networks are YOU using??  We’d love to know…

Follow Us at Gleeson Librarymain page with Gleeson Library’s social networks:




Other Twitter accounts from Gleeson Library Staff:

Kelci: @kelse_kelci
Randy: @randysouther
Rob: @LibraryGuyUSF
Jean: @usfsrlib
Shawn: @GleesonLibrary
Locke: @ljmorrisey
Penny: @usfpennybiz

Also, our Regional Libraries have some wonderful blogs, updated frequently!  Check them out and other links at Gleeson’s dedicated “Follow Us” Page, at

Photo of Gleeson Library by Randy Souther, available on Gleeson’s Flickr Page,

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