Gleeson Library Welcome Weekends Event

Gaming Night at Gleeson Library
Xbox + Playstation + Wii + Board Games = Sweet!

We know you.
You’re ambitious.
You never give up.
You continually strive for higher and higher levels.
You stay awake at all hours until your eyes burn, and a vicious thirst rouses you from your single-minded drive.
You ignore every distraction, until, at last, you reach the finale to all your aspirations, the culmination of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve:

…To pop that zombie punk with your last grenade launcher, and call it done.

We know you.
And we know you’ll love this event, at Gleeson Library:

Gaming Night @Gleeson Library

A “Welcome Weekends” Event
Saturday, September 11th
4pm – 8pm
In the Gleeson Library Atrium

Be there, play games, and welcome to Fall 2010, USF!

Watch our Gleeson Library Facebook Fan page for up to date info on this great event.

Event contact: Shawn Calhoun,, or @GleesonLibrary on Twitter, with the assistance of the Gleeson Library Innovation Workgroup.

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