Elevator Back in Action!


The preventative maintenance work on our elevator has been completed…ahead of schedule!


Please note: due to preventative maintenance work, the library elevator that travels from the lower level all the way to the fourth floor is currently out of service. It will be back in action on Friday, 9/17/2010.

In the meantime, there are stairs to the lower level and fourth floor, and our second elevator, near the circulation desk, travels from the first to the third floor of the library. Between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 pm, please contact the Student Disabilities Services Office at 422-2613 or use the ramp on the west side of the building (leading to SDS) for wheelchair access to the lower level of Gleeson.

3 thoughts on “Elevator Back in Action!”

  1. Bugger I meant to add this post to the constitution day post. =( but I am excited to have the elevator back in action. It makes life easier.

    1. Fabi I think it is cool that they gave out little Constitutions at your citizenship ceremony no matter where you post it. Also I think it is super that you are a citizen by choice. I have so much respect for people who come from another country to make a new life in a new home. It can’t be easy. AND I’m happy about the elevator too!

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