Database of the Week: Ethnic News Watch

While many of the library’s databases offer mainstream coverage, Ethnic News Watch was “designed to provide the ‘other side of the story.’ ” With the latest bills being passed in Arizona, this database provides a place to find recent articles on issues regarding race and ethnicity in America.

The database contains over 270 publications covering local, national, and international news, culture, and history. The ethnicities being addressed include African American/Caribbean/African; Arab/Middle Eastern; Asian/Pacific Islander; European/Eastern European; Hispanic; Jewish; Multi-Ethnic; Native People.

This interdisciplinary database includes full text articles in both English and Spanish from 1990 to present.

Five choices are offered that let you search articles more effectively: All sources, Scholarly Journals, Magazines, Trade Publications, and Newspapers. This is a useful tool when you want to broaden or narrow your search. After your initial query, topic suggestions are also made to aid you in your search.

You can find the Ethnic News Watch database though the USF library homepage- On the right side of the page click on the Databases icon, then choose the Databases A-Z link. From that list you will find Ethnic News Watch.

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