Government Documents: Africa and the State Department

The U.S. State Department and Africa

The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department) is the federal executive department responsible for international relations.

The State Department has a blog called, Dipnote where you can read blog entries from State Department officials about their work and international travels.  “Dipnote” refers to a diplomatic note, which is one of the ways with which governments formally communicate with one another.

A recent blog entry from Dipnote featured the winner of Apps 4 Africa, a technology competition inviting entrepreneurs to build tools to serve the needs of local Non-Governmental Organizations and communities in Africa. The winning application, iCow, lets farmers manage the breeding periods of their cows and monitor their cow’s nutrition.

Watch a video on the Dipnote blog of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sharing the winners.


Gleeson’s Government Documents collection also has several documents about the State Department and Foreign Aid to Africa.  Below are some links to recent documents in the collection:

*Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs appropriations bill

*U.S. assistance to Africa: a call for foreign aid reform

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