New Issue of Global Update, the Gleeson Newsletter

Do you know what Global Update is? Besides being a functionality in our back-end database management software that batch-updates a group of records, it is the name of the Gleeson Library Newsletter!

As the editor of Global Update, I consider the newsletter to be like Gleeson’s greatest hits & b-sides… some of the info you’ve seen here on the blog, and some of it is brand new. Nonetheless it is all preserved in one digital document that is easily accessed through the “Follow Us” section of our homepage.

Look for an image like this on our homepage towards the end of each semester to stay up to date!

Click here to download the PDF of Global Update

Table of contents for vol. 3 no. 1:

New Staff @ Your Library

Staff Book Picks & Pans

Farewell, Locke Morrisey

A Special, Student-Curated Exhibition: Bookends

Literature Thrives @ Gleeson

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