Construction: Events Plaza in Front of the Library

New Plaza Relocation

As the Harney plaza will be off line for the next two years the University will be recreating event space on the lawn in front of Gleeson Library. This work will begin on Monday with the installation of the chain link fence. The fire lane that runs from the northwest edge of Kalmanovitz to the Fromm building will be closed off. This work will be completed during the summer, but there will be alternate pedestrian paths during this work. This work involves the removal of part of the lawn and the installation of pavers, additional lighting and other site improvements.

From the Project Management construction blog.

2 thoughts on “Construction: Events Plaza in Front of the Library”

  1. It was so beautiful. I remember spending hours before work, after class (back when since 2003-2007) and in between. Oh happy memories. Now it will look bare, dead and dare I say jail like? Waste of grass and money.

  2. I hope there will be plenty of seating and shade – this is a good space to take a break, chat with classmates, and think.

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