USF Book Club: The Lonely Polygamist


On July 20, 2011 the USF Book Club will meet to discuss The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall. Gleeson’s copy is checked out right now, but we’ve got it loaded on our iPads and our Kindle. There’s always Link+ or SF Public until our copy comes in!

Come meet us in the seminar room, #209, of Gleeson Library from 12-1 pm. Bring your lunch and bring your friends! We don’t require you to have read the book to join the discussion. All members of the USF Community are welcome and no rsvp is necessary.

A family drama with stinging turns of dark comedy, the latest from Udall (The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint) is a superb performance and as comic as it is sublimely catastrophic. Golden Richards is a polygamist Mormon with four wives, 28 children, a struggling construction business, and a few secrets. He tells his wives that the brothel he’s building in Nevada is actually a senior center, and, more importantly, keeps hidden his burning infatuation with a woman he sees near the job site. Golden, perpetually on edge, has become increasingly isolated from his massive family-given the size of his brood, his solitude is heartbreaking-since the death of one of his children. Meanwhile, his newest and youngest wife, Trish, is wondering if there is more to life than the polygamist lifestyle, and one of his sons, Rusty, after getting the shaft on his birthday, hatches a revenge plot that will have dire consequences. With their world falling apart, will the family find a way to stay together? Udall’s polished storytelling and sterling cast of perfectly realized and flawed characters make this a serious contender for Great American Novel status. –Publisher’s Weekly


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