New Library Login: Postponed

Due to issues that were discovered when the new login was turned on, we are postponing implementation of the new login. Library logins will return to using Name/USF ID # until further notice.

Oritinal Post:
Beginning on Tuesday, October 11, logins to Library resources (off-campus access to databases; view your library record, etc.) will begin using USFconnect usernames and passwords for those with a USFconnect account. This replaces the Name/USF ID# login that the library has used for several years.

There will be an alternate login screen for those without a USFconnect account (Fromm Students, Special Access patrons, etc.)

Assuming there are no major problems with the new login system, it will become permanent.

4 thoughts on “New Library Login: Postponed”

    1. Excellent question! Though we’ve used the current login for years (name and USF ID#), most other online resources at USF use the USFconnect username and password. We understand that current users will now need to remember to not use the previous library login. This will be a brief inconvenience for current folks, but going forward it will make things much easier for every new student, faculty, and staff at USF.

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