USFconnect Login

Effective immediately, log-in to Library resources (off-campus access to databases; view your library record, etc.) is now using USFconnect username and password for those with a USFconnect account. This replaces the Name / USF ID# log-in that the library has used for several years.

There is an alternate log-in screen for those without a USFconnect account (Fromm Students, Special Access patrons, etc.).

We hope the inconvenience will be minimal and will be outweighed by the benefits.
Benefits include having one less set of credentials to remember, and increased security: it is much easier to change the USFconnect password than it is to change the USF ID.

3 thoughts on “USFconnect Login”

  1. I am a professor at the Fromm Institute and was unable to log-in using the alternate log-in with my name and pass word, nor with my LAN Account username from my home computer. I came to the library today and spoke with the reference librarian who was unable to help me and sent me to ITS at Lone Mountain campus. The information techie there at the Help desk also was unable to assist me as I do not have a USF e-mail account.
    I would appreciate if you can resolve this for me so that I can access the Gleeson library as a faculty member just as I have in the past.

  2. I am a USF doctoral student and unable to enter the online databases for academic research using the USFConnect username and password. Please help.

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