Scanning: On Trial in the Reference RoomFor the next two months we will be trialing scanners in the library (located in the copy room next to the Reference desk).

The systems include a “bookedge” flatbed scanner designed for scanning book pages without the need to push down on the book spine; and a document-feed scanner for fast multiple-sheet scans. The latter machine can scan both sides of a page at once, and can handle 50 sheets at a time.

A simple touch-screen menu guides you through the scan process, and lets you output in pdf, word, tiff, etc., and even produces searchable pdfs and editable word docs.

Scans can be downloaded to a flash drive or sent to an email address. No printing: so with no paper or toner costs, we plan to provide scanning for free.

Please come try them out and let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Scanners”

  1. This looks like a good addition to the library electronic hardware. No more need to check the books out and take them to K Hall for scanning! I do have a question: Can the scanner handle and create searchable pdfs in Chinese and/or Japanese? Uldis

    1. Hi Uldis,

      Unfortunately it does not recognize Chinese and Japanese. Supported languages for OCR (optical character recognition) are: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.


    2. Hi Randy: Thanks for the quick response. Good to know it will handle the other four languages, though. Uldis

  2. This is awesome! I have recently moved over to read and write exclusively in digital formats (there are new tablets on the market that make stylus input/writing a breeze). I hate paper so this new resource is a huge benefit to me. Thanks!

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