Gleeson Library Slipper Party Contest Winners

The Gleeson Library celebrated is new library schedule: Open All Night 5 days a Week with Slipper Day including food, fun and a Slipper Contest.

The Grand prize of a new iPad for the Slipper Contest went to Saba Mashadialireza.

There were also three honorable mentions: Jenna Maslowski, Alex Descano, and Katie Le.

Keep your eye on the Gleeson Library | Geschke Center’s Facebook page.  We will soon post on how to vote for the “People’s Choice award”

One thought on “Gleeson Library Slipper Party Contest Winners”

  1. SO excited to have gotten the opportunity to participate in such a fun and creative, friendly competition! The actual cause for celebrating, the new extended library hours, is really important to me as a nursing student who also works. Not everyone always has the opportunity to visit during “conventional” hours at the library! As a transfer student, I take so much pride in my new school and my status as a Don! And let’s face it, I spend a LOT of time at Gleeson Library… I am so in love with our facilities. Thanks USF!

    Jenna Maslowski

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