Celebrate Open Access Week

This week (Oct 21-27) we celebrate the Open Access Week! A global event now in its 6th year, OA week promotes Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research.

Nationally and internationally, universities and research institutions are all celebrating the week with programs and campaigns that promote open access.  You can find out more at http://www.openaccessweek.org/

Even publishers start to join the bandwagon.  Taylor & Francis is offering to waive article publishing charge from Oct 21st to Nov 20th in selected titles (http://explore.tandfonline.com/page/open-access-week-2013).  Sage sponsored an ACRL webinar “What is The Role of the Librarian in an Open Access World?”.  The archived webcast recording is available at: https://connect.iu.edu/p5u793qdw4f/

In Oct 2011, Gleeson Library launched USF Scholarship Repository as our institutional repository that will digitally collect, preserve and provide free electronic access to scholarly works and research output by the USF community.  To date our repository has now collected 359 faculty and student papers and enjoyed 62,366 downloads in the past year alone.  As one faculty who finds herself one of the most popular authors in her discipline in the network puts it, “it is great to see so many people are interested in finding my work there.”

So let’s celebrate open access week by submitting our works to the Scholarship Repository

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