Rare Book Room Update

Photo by John Hawk, Rare Book Room Librarian

As you may have noticed, the Rare Book Room is closed this semester because it is being renovated. Here’s an update on the upcoming construction.

Photo by Shawn Calhoun

The week before Thanksgiving (Nov. 25 – 27) most noisy work will occur (cutting and nailing cement, etc.).

The period between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester (Dec. 2 – 12) will be relatively quiet. We want to make sure you students still have a quiet place to study for finals on the 3rd floor of the library!

After commencement and continuing into Winter Break (Dec. 16 – late January), the work will be noisy and loud as the contractors begin multiple construction efforts.

We plan to keep disruptions to a minimum when the Spring 2014 semester begins in late January.

Once the construction is complete, we will begin to move the Rare Book collections back into the room, which will happen over a series of weeks in the Spring semester. Once the move is complete, the contractors will return to tear down the staging and temporary areas.

Hopefully, by the time Summer 2013 hits, the 3rd floor and the Rare Book Room will be restored to its awesome state!

Photo by John Hawk, Rare Book Room Librarian

If you really miss the RBR, check out Shawn Calhoun’s Flickr set of the construction. There’s a lot of fabulous photos that might just hold you over… 🙂

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