Library Book Dominos!

Gleeson 2nd Floor Study Area
Gleeson 2nd Floor Study Area

Over the last few weeks we’ve done a little rearranging on the 2nd floor of Gleeson | Geschke. We love the way the study space looks and we hope you do too! While we had the floor cleared of furniture, library folks kicked around a few ideas on how we could have a little fun. Skate ramp? No go. Bowling? Nope. Nerf wars? Promising, but not this time. After much discussion, this is what we came up with.

Fifteen library staff and student helpers lined up 1,411 books over the span of 6 hours to bring in the new study space on the second floor of Gleeson Library | Geschke Center. The last book, caught by Janet Carmona (library staff) was “Spectacle” by USFCA prof Susan Steinberg.

Full disclosure – lots of inspiration for this project came from the Seattle Public Library. SPL holds the world record for book dominos. Also, many thanks to USF’s Office of Communications and Marketing for making the video.

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