Instagram – Library Shelfie Day 1/29/14

Gleeson #LibraryShelfie Day January 29, 2014
Gleeson #LibraryShelfie Day January 29, 2014

#libraryshelfie day on Instagram is  Wednesday January 29.  What’s a library shelfie? It’s just like a selfie, but taken with books. You can shoot your photo in Gleeson, at your favorite bookstore, in front of your own library — wherever you and books happen to be! If you’re into being in the photo great – but certainly not necessary. Just Tag your Instagram pics with @gleesonlibrary #libraryshelfie and please tag our pals at New York Public Library #NYPL library who came up with the idea.

UPDATE:  There’s a small wager between Gleeson Library and SJSU King Library. The Library with the most #librarySelfies tagged (#GleesonLIbrary #USFCA for us or #SpartanShelfie #KingLibrary for the folks at SJSU) wins bragging rights and a sweet treat. Gleeson has put up a delicious box of San Franciscso’s finest Ghiradelli chocolates and SJSU has put up a box of Schurra’s chocolates.  I can’t wait to see the final results with USF on top!! I look forward to sharing those delicious Schurra’s chocolates with you Dons!

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