Valentine’s Day (week!) at Gleeson Library

VD Craft TableIf you have been around Gleeson library this week (in person, or on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), you’ve probably noticed that we’re very excited about Valentine’s Day. On Wednesday our craft table went up. Tons of supplies – glitter, paper, pens, stamps, stickers, candy – to you make your own Valentines Day cards.

Blind Date with a Book - VDOur Blind Date With a Book launched this past Thursday. For this one, we picked a bunch of books that go well with such a romantic holiday, wrapped them with beautiful paper and set them out for folks to pick. Simple, but so much fun!!

VD ButtonsFinally, on Friday (VD day this year), we started to give away a small number of Valentines Day buttons. The button with two people is from a 1927 Eric Gill wood engraving titled The Soul And The Bride (also available in a book titled The Song of the Soul). The second button is from a 1997 Arion Press edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets. If you would like to see the Gill woodcut or the Shakespeare sonnet — both are viewable in the Gleeson Library’s Donohue Rare Book Room.

We hope you had as much fun as we did with Valentine’s Day this year — we love you Dons!!

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