Evidence Based Infographics from USF Nursing Students

Last semester Bachelor of Science in Nursing students taking Nursing 322, Evidence Based Inquiry and Informatics, used library resources such as CINAHL, PubMed, Scopus and DynaMed to search for and collect evidence on a clinical question. After identifying research relevant to their topics, they critically appraised the studies and made recommendations for practice change based on the strength of the evidence, their clinical expertise, and patient preference.

Finally, the nursing students spread the word about their findings through a presentation and an infographic, like the one below on Neonates and Noise by students Maggie Hui, Fabiola Prado, Ryan Lee and Matthew Sy. The infographics have all been posted to MyWikiCare.org, an online, open web platform for curating, sharing, and synthesizing knowledge and experience to speed the translation of evidence-based practice to standard bedside care.

To find out more about this project and to view the entire collection of infographics by USF nursing students, follow this URL: http://www.mywikicare.org/Nursing+322+-+Evidence-based+Inquiry+and+Informatics+Submissions 


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