Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon for Women’s History Month: Results!

Women’s_History_Month_Art_And_Feminism_-_01Last Friday, in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Gleeson Library participated in Art+Feminism’s second annual Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. Over 70 satellite Edit-A-Thons took place across 17 countries over the weekend  — all with the aim of improving the representation of women and the arts on Wikipedia.  At Gleeson, students, staff, and faculty members convened to discuss gender disparities present in the number of articles by and about women on Wikipedia, and to the learn the basics of editing Wikipedia in order to change that. Other attendees logged on remotely to work on Wikipedia articles from their homes or offices. Our event was also visited by three volunteers from the Wiki Education Foundation (a nonprofit that supports the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada), who were on hand to answer our most pressing (and more advanced) Wikipedia questions. You can find the outcomes of the international Edit-A-Thon event here, and peruse articles that the USF group worked on at the bottom of our event page here.  Thanks to all who participated, and three cheers for information activism!

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