Scenes from the April 23rd Poetry Pop Up!

blue globeFrom Noon -1:00 PM,  the Gleeson Library/Donohue Rare Book Room Poetry Pop Up was in full-swing! It was great to see our USF folks come up and have an interest in the limited editions and unique offerings featuring some of our noted Poets of Color display. The signed edition of Five Poems by Toni Morrison with art work by Kara Walker was a hit. There was a fascination in Leonard Baskin’s etched artwork and printing of James Baldwin’s Gypsy & other poems, and the equally charming Ten Poems by Rita Dove. I appreciated all our students, staff and faculty that came up to the table.  We do this for you! Special thanks goes out to John Hawk for his invaluable assistance and support, Kelci Baughman-McDowell and Randy Souther for helping get the word out.

poetry pop up 2. poetry pop up 8 books view poetry pop up 4 rita dove       poetry pop up 5 me

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