International Education Week 2015



This week (November 13-21st) is International Education Week at USF, and across the United States. IEW is a national celebration of education exchange.

International Education Week encourages American students to consider studying abroad and welcomes international students who are studying abroad here. The week reminds us that we are a global community that learns from the meaningful connections that we make with each other.

Here at Gleeson, we’re celebrating IEW with  a display and activity called “Only Connect,” which highlights letters, postcards, and mail art — with the idea that mail exchanges can be an exciting part of one’s study abroad experience, and have long helped to facilitate connections across continents and cultures. Look at an epistolary novel told in postcards and letters, write a note to a friend on a Gleeson Library postcard, or create some mail art of your own!

USF has several other IEW events planned this week. Check them out:



Friday, November 13. 6pm – 8:30pm, Presentation Theater & McLaren Complex

Culturescape is an annual event hosted by the International Student Association (ISA), with support from ISSS, that celebrates the international cultures at USF. The event is comprised of both cultural performances and cuisine from around the world.

Stories from Around the World

Tuesday, November 17. 2:30pm – 3:45pm, Lone Mountain, 100. In this signature event during International Education Week, international students recite short stories, folktales or proverbs from around the world, illustrating how various values are shared across cultures.

Global Trivia Night

Tuesday, November 17, 7pm – 8:30pm. Crossroads Cafe.

Test your international knowledge in this pub-style trivia event. Enjoy free snacks and win prizes!

Stories and Food From Home

Wednesday, November 18. 6pm – 7:30pm, Cultural Center.

Travel to four different countries and sample their food from the comfort of the UC.  Local students will share their stories and give you the inside scoop. Where will you travel next?

University Ministry Event

Thursday, November 17. time and location to be determined.

International Cup

Friday & Saturday, November 20-21, 2pm – 5pm, Negoesco Field, Koret.

All USF students, faculty, and staff are invited to compete in a friendly, campus wide soccer tournament. Teams are co-ed and participants may join as an individual or with a teammate. Teams will play 6 vs. 6 and the champions will receive a team trophy and individual prizes. Sign-up to play here!

USF’s Woven Identity: Mapping the Intersection of Home and Heritage

An interactive art installation showing the diverse backgrounds and identities of our campus community. View, admire and contribute at the Kalmanovitz Lobby!


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