MFA in Writing Department Library Showcases USF Authors

To step into the University of San Francisco Master of Fine Arts in Writing office is to see immediate proof of the program’s success. The bookcases of the department library proudly display the most recent publications by USF MFAW alumni and faculty. Liz Iversen, program assistant, maintains the department library as a resource for students and faculty in the MFA program, providing the added benefit of promoting the program to prospective students.

Liz Iversen, Program Assistant for Master of Fine Arts in Writing Department

Liz receives frequent updates from alumni and tracks faculty author readings to find new works with USF MFAW connections. She adds these to the collection along with works from authors who participate in the Emerging Writers Festival and MFA Reading Series. Rounding out the collection are journals, periodicals, indexes, and classic writing reference books.

Liz coordinates an active presence on Twitter and Facebook. Daily posts announce new faculty, student, and alumni publications, free magazines, and USF literary events. She notes followers from on campus and around the world.

Liz’s strong connection with alumni is an important resource for Reference Librarian Colette Hayes as she develops Gleeson’s literature collection.

Future goals for the MFAW library include creating online access to the library’s list of titles to increase visibility. Liz also looks forward to partnering with Gleeson Library on events. And as always, the MFAW office will continue collecting works by faculty and alumni. So keep on writing!

Follow the USF MFAW program on Facebook and on Twitter.

Does your department have a library? We’d love to hear about it. Contact Justine Withers at

Just the Facts
Started Early 2000s
Size Four bookcases
Open to MFA in Writing students, faculty and staff, and alumni
Circulation policy One month plus one renewal
Collection Works by current and recent MFA instructors; writers who have read on campus, including the Emerging Writers Festival and MFA Reading Series; journals and periodicals; writing reference


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