Bill and Miguel’s Excellent Earth Day

William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died 400 years ago on 23 April. Earth Day is 22 April. In the spirit of conservation and commemoration, Gleeson Library celebrated the days with one glorious mashup. We joined the Earth Day Celebration on Thursday 21 April in Gleeson Plaza. And we’re asking people to put their own spin on passages from Shakespeare and Cervantes with our “Recycle a Classic” fill-in-the-blank game.


23 April is World Book and Copyright Day, chosen by UNESCO because it is the traditional date marking the deaths of Shakespeare and Cervantes. (They died on the same date but not the same day because time is slippery.)

Miguel de Cervantes
circa September 1547 – April 22 1616


Image credit: Maren Salomon

William Shakespeare
circa April 1564 – April 23 1616


Image credit: Maren Salomon

2016 is Shakespeare crazy because of the 400th anniversary.

Planet Earth
circa 4.5 billion years ago – present


Image Credit: NASA


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